Only one connection per account.
You may not use your account on multiple devices at the same time, even if it is the same household. Can be used on multiple devices as long as it is never used at the same time.
It is forbidden to share the account.
You may not share your account with anyone. The account is personal.
Own responsibility.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the account does not fall into the hands of someone else.
No jumping between IP addresses too fast.
A quick switch between devices / IP is not considered normal use.
Prohibited to re-stream.
Re-stream is to create a live broadcast of the IPTV for sharing.
It is forbidden to record one channel while watching another.
You use 2x bandwidth and is the same as watching two devices at the same time.
Do not use VPN.
The majority of VPNs are blacklisted due to abuse. If you choose to use VPN anyway, your own responsibility applies. We can not help you if your account is suspended.

Rules for 1H Free

The above and the following applies:
One application per household.
DO NOT apply behind a VPN
Fill in the application form ONLY (1) once.
If there has been a mistake, get in touch with us.
The test account is valid for 1 hour from when it ends up in your Inbox.
Own responsibility for looking in your Spam. Do not apply for a Trial Account if you do not have time to use it. You will not get a new one.
It is forbidden to use e-mail addresses intended for single use.
For example. Mailinator, Fakemailgenerator, Stromox, Zainmax, Zain m.fl.
Do NOT send inquiries about when your Trial Account expires.
Some internet providers block all IPTV Providers.
This is not something we are responsible for. It is the fight against PirateTV and a desperate attempt to stop. Many broadband providers have refused to help TV providers to filter the internet, as they believe in a free internet. Free internet unfortunately does not apply to Telia, Viasat or AllTele (A3). Test before purchase.

Common Questions

How fast internet do I need?
You need at least 30 Mbit / s towards Holland to experience trouble-free viewing.

You can test this for your speed at
Can I use my subscription on several devices at the same time?
No, it's strictly forbidden. You can only use your subscription on one device at a time, even if the other devices are in the same household.

We have extra connections you can buy to look at more devices at the same time.
Can I bring my subscription / box e.g. abroad?
Yes absolutely. Make sure you have a good internet connection.
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