We offer a cost-effective alternative to other streaming services. While many traditional streaming platforms have high monthly subscription fees, we can provide affordable prices while offering a wide range of content, including sports, movies, and TV series.

We make it possible for you to save money without compromising on the quality of entertainment you enjoy. So, if you want high-quality content at a more affordable price, Svensk IPTV may be an excellent choice to consider.
Provider Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Viaplay Total 699 SEK 6588 SEK
Netflix 99 SEK 1188 SEK
HBO Max 99 SEK 699 SEK
Disney+ 89 SEK 979 SEK
SkyShowtime 79 SEK 629 SEK
Discovery+ 549 SEK 6588 SEK
Apple TV+ 89 SEK 1068 SEK
TV4 Play 549 SEK 6588 SEK
Amazon Prime 59 SEK 549 SEK
Eurosport 179 SEK 2148 SEK
SportExpressen Play
Sportbladet Play
399 SEK 4788 SEK
Totalt 2889 SEK 33 612 SEK
Nordic IPTV
199 SEK
1299 SEK
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